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Maggie LeFante completed her 200 hour and 300 hour Hatha Yoga Certification with Angela Phillips. Her experience as a cyclist and runner influence her teaching, with classes focusing on alignment, attunement to breath, building strength & longevity. She is passionate about creating an authentic environment for students to expand their practice. Her classes offer variations for all skill levels, and include nervous system training through meditation and pranayama. She believes, as Jason Crandell says, “Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”   



Jodi Holland is a certified ERYT 200 and YIN Yoga teacher. She's also received her 300 hour certification from The Hard & Soft Institute for Yoga  and studied in that program with Beryl Bender Birch, a pioneer of yoga in the United States since the 1970's.  Jodi, through her studying and teaching, has learned many different techniques using yoga and breath work to settle the mind and find true relaxation. She believes that yoga, on and off the mat, is the best way to find inner peace and  truly know one's self. Currently, Jodi is the founder/CEO of the first family yoga and outdoor activity festival, Ohana Fest, in Virginia Beach. Her mission in life is to unite families and communities through the practice of yoga while connecting them with nature.



Lynn began her yoga journey more than thirteen years ago and has loved it ever since. Slowly, she integrated yoga into her fitness routine. She found herself beginning to gravitate to yoga in times of stress and anxiety. Lynn credits yoga for becoming more present and letting go of the need for control.

Lynn’s classes focus on connection to the breath and include creative sequencing all with the understanding that everyone’s body is different, and the asana is only a small part of yoga. Having experienced injuries herself, Lynn urges her students to understand that every day students step on their mat is a different experience and to listen to the messages their bodies are sending.

  Lynn has her Bachelors’ degree in Psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology and a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Her graduate thesis researched the effects of yoga on adolescent girls in a delinquency intervention program. She has her 200 hour teacher training and has completed a 12 hour training through the Prison Yoga Project focusing on serving those incarcerated and suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.

Lynn enjoys gardening, landscaping and home improvement. She is an avid traveler and volunteers at the SPCA. She is married with two step-children and two dogs.  



Sammi began practicing yoga in 2009 after breaking her leg in a skim boarding incident. She sought healing physically and energetically and met the therapeutic path of yoga. Her first yoga practice sparked passion and curiosity to know more about the therapeutic path. Soon after, she registered for teacher training and became certified through Yax Yoga Concepts. Once certified she began teaching in 2010. With the passion and curiosity to explore deeper she continued training receiving a 50 hour certification in Vinyasa and then a 500 hour certification. What continues to spark her passion and curiosity to practice and teach yoga is the journey of transformation. Having almost a decade of teaching experience has confirmed the truth that change is the only constant. Yoga has allowed this truth to be the center of her practice and teaching. And through yoga she enjoys living and loving with a clear consciousness and an open heart.    



Sierra Hill is a RYT500 E-RYT200 and certified barré instructor with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Finding yoga in college while planning a wedding with a currently deployed fiancé, became an unexpected godsend! Next to her faith, yoga was her biggest saving grace. Yoga is not just a side gig, it has become her career and her identity. It helps her navigate and mentally handle deployments and other aspects of being a Navy wife or just life in general. Sure, yoga is a means to stay fit and in good health, but through that it has taught her self awareness and body awareness as well. It has opened her eyes to strengths and weaknesses (not just physical) and showed her that she is far more capable than she ever thought.

As an Air Force brat and Navy wife, she has moved all over and in doing so has obtained a variety of certifications and created an eclectic teaching style. Having taught in 3 different states, in everything from studios and gyms to drug/alcohol rehab centers and ballet studios, she has gained different lessons from each place. It has molded her into a well rounded and versatile teacher always willing and able to cater to the students current needs.

Sierra’s adventurous side loves traveling, backpacking & hiking, horseback riding, and anything new or outdoors. Whilst her introverted personality keeps her balanced and enjoys hot tea, reading, her rescue kitty Nikka, cooking/baking, and organizing.



It took Bekah many months to gather the courage to step into her first class as a yoga student in 2014 but she quickly fell in love with the Hot 26 series. Bekah soon found herself practicing daily in preparation for a 250 hour teacher training through Evolation Yoga at Bikram Yoga Works in 2015. She has since taken a step back from her on-the-mat practice to focus on being a mother to her two young daughters but is eager to embark on her teaching journey with Bliss.  Bekah is passionate about the consistency and effectiveness of the Hot 26 series, respectfully adapting core elements of Bikram to better serve yoga practitioners of all backgrounds.

Bekah currently resides in Sandbridge with her husband, children, and parents and enjoys spending time outside with her family.



 Loren, like most, stumbled upon her yoga practice by accident.  When she moved to Los Angeles five years ago, she began working at a yoga studio as a front desk receptionist.  Before class started, she would always set up her mat at the back of class, so she could quietly join in after checking in the students.  It wasn’t long before she fell in love with the physical practice of yoga.  She quickly enrolled in the studio’s next 200 Hour Hatha Yoga teacher training where she studied under Karen Russel and Colin Wolpert, author of “Your Feet Face Forward”.  Here, her practice developed, and her true love of the 8 Limbs of Yoga was discovered.  She practiced and taught in Los Angeles for two years before moving back to Virginia Beach to work as a Realtor and yoga teacher in her hometown.  Loren believes in starting each day with a grateful heart, a giant cup of coffee, and a couple kisses from her Golden Retriever, Bodhi (whose name translates to awakening and enlightenment in Sanskrit).  Loren looks forward to sharing her peaceful, early mornings with you at Bliss Yoga. 


Ana Maria

   Yoga has been a part of Ana Maria Gooding’s life for the last 15 years. She has been teaching for the last 10 years. Her specialty is with Vinyasa yoga. She also practices Ashtanga yoga. Ana Maria is Yoga Fit certified in Levels I through V, Seniors, Yoga Kids, and is a 200 Hour RYT yoga teacher, with over 1,500 hours of experience.  Ana Maria, also believes and practices Ayurveda, which she combines as much as possible in her teachings. She is also very attuned with precious stones and makes her own Malas to help meditate and use the healing power and balancing energy of the stones.  

  Ana Maria believes yoga is a tool to help us find peace within us, accept ourselves and others, let go of pain and suffering as well accepting and recognizing our feelings so we can work on them.  To Ana Maria yoga is not to make us like gymnasts, but to help us find the best that our bodies can be. Ana Maria recognizes we are all so different and we all have different health problems, she believes yoga adapts and helps each of us.   She instructs students to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale with flow synchronization that is focused on alignment. In her classes,  you will practice creative sequences, some can be very intense as others very slow and therapeutic. Ana Maria puts it all together in a seamless natural flow. This helps release tension, toxins and allows your body to move deeper and more freely. Her sessions end with meditation and relaxation exercises. 



Yoga has been a big part of Flavia's life.  When she first started practicing hot flows she fell in love with yoga and its benefits. It taught her to be stronger, more patient and more connected with her body and mind.  Flavia believes this ancient practice allows our bodies to relax by opening joints, releasing muscles, and cleansing through breathing. 

Flavia completed her 200 hour training with the National Yoga Academy in Virginia Beach, she continues to take classes and is learning more about Ayurveda. Flavia knows she will always be a student of the practice because there is always an opportunity to learn more and share with others. The most satisfying part for Flavia, is being part of the yoga community where we all have the opportunity to grow from one another. 

Flavia's classes combine light, playful, and creative elements together in a single sequence. She aims to guide her students to be more connected with their mind, body and soul. The goal to all of her classes is for her participants to leave balanced, nourished, and refreshed. 



Alex's yoga practice has served as her guide for the past seven years— both on and off the mat as a student and teacher.   

Alex is a huge advocate for and believer of the mind/body connection.  Her teaching style is one that provides supportive cues as suggestions so individuals may feel safe to explore shapes, breath and work to navigate this human experience as they need. Whether flowing through sun salutations or engaging in restorative postures, Alex believes the intention is the same, we work to acknowledge that yoga is never about the physical shape of the body, but rather the shape of the mind.  Alex understands that this is cultivated through the breath, meditation, and intentional movements that engage the body in a fun, challenging way.



Tessa Price is a 200 hour RYT and Yin yoga certified.  Tessa discovered her practice at a Bikram Hot Yoga studio when she started college in 2009 because “it was the thing to do,” but her yoga mat became her special place while overcoming back pain and mental dis-ease as an over-worked waitress and tired college student.   She graduated college in 2013, receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Anthropology with a minor in music.

“Yoga offers many truly amazing gifts! I trust if I show up consistently in my practice, each one will come to me when I need it and it is my calling to share the profound impact of those gifts with others.” 

Tessa emphasizes breath-work, alignment, and quieting the mind. She encourages her students to pause and listen to the integrity of the mind body connection and honor their own unique capabilities. She believes that yoga is a place to be made safe for every body, she remains open to continuously learn new teaching cues, styles and techniques to support every student that steps into the class. Her specialty focus is with beginners, but she is experienced in teaching restorative yoga, Yin yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa yoga, and guided meditations including sound healing. 

When out of the studio, you can find Tessa in nature with her husband and hound dogs, doing something artsy like house projects, playing her saxophone, Native American flute, or humming her favorite mantra. 



Jeanette Gekosky found her love for yoga after trying it for knee issues she’s had since early in childhood, including multiple surgeries. As she once again developed more severe knee pain and issues later in adulthood she decided to try yoga and was pleased with the positive results she experienced with the healing of her knee. Jeanette, never being able to participate in athletic activities due to the severity of her knee issues, was in shock when she saw what her body was capable of with the consistent practice of yoga. Not only did yoga help her to physically improve in so many ways but it also helped her to deal with stress in a more effective manner. Jeanette is a certified 200 hour E-RYT teacher that has a passion to help other's through the power of yoga.

Jeanette’s classes are light hearted, she likes to create an atmosphere that will make you work your body in a joy filled way. Her main goal is that you get to be the best version of you; not only become physically better but leave her class with a sense of positivity.

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